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About Jake's Landscape & Tree Services

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Jake's is a premier landscaping and tree service serving the Peninsula and all surrounding areas.  We offer prompt and carefree service for our customers.


Established in 1999, Jake's Tree & Landscaping Services is a professional tree care and hard & soft landscape company.  For 15 years we have been providing homes and businesses with a variety of tree, landscape, fence, and deck services.  


Tree Services: tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, root barrier installation, garden enhancement, etc.   

Landscaping Services: lawn and plant installation, irrigation system & repair, automatic timer installation and programming, outdoor lighting, fire pit, ponds, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls and flagstone, pavers, concrete installation, etc.


Fence and Deck Services: custom fences and gates, decks, trellis, arbor, trash enclosures, stucco fences, tree houses, tennis courts, etc.


  • Tree D-49 & Landscape C-27

  • Licensed & Bonded Contractor

  • CA License # 889023

  • S.O.D.S. (Sudden Oak Death Syndrome) Certified

  • Japanese Maple Specialist

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